YESSS It’s all about fun!

One of the most inspiring books I’ve ever read in my life is Torah Bright’s It Takes Courage.

Why because it says in the book “we are here to be happy and have fun” (I can’t remember what page but I know it’s in there for sure. So go order a copy now, read it, message me what page.. I’ll be super impressed!).

Anyways… I see so many people taking skiing and snowboarding far too seriously. It’s here to have fun with! And with good instruction skiing and snowboarding becomes even more fun and more enjoyable.

It’s important to choose an instructor that’s good for your level.

Did you know Instructors put a lot of time, training, and effort into completing their qualifications? It can take up to 5 years to achieve what’s recognized as Full Certification.

Wow five years! That’s more time than most lawyers, teachers, or software executives, spend at university for a full degree. Yes all those geniuses at Facebook spend less time at university than the instructors do getting qualified.

As I am an instructor I can say the examination process is super challenging and rigorous. Ski and Snowboard Instructors needs to pass ridging, teaching, and movement analysis. And you don’t just get to ‘pass’ or scrape through (as I did a few units at university… P’s get degrees lol) to earn your qualifications you’ll need what’s equivalent to a High Distinction. In other words, once you’ve achieved Full Certification, you are a really great skier or snowboarder. I would argue without this qualification, unless you are a sponsored-medal-winning pro, then you still have a lot of (fun) learning ahead of you. Before you make the claim ‘I am a great skier/snowboarder’.

Most people like the thought of becoming a really great skier or snowboarder. So if you are one of those people the first thing to acknowledge is that you will need good instruction to get there. Most years I spend at least 14 days in on snow courses. I do this because it’s my goal to be a really great snowboarder. I also want to have fun with it and do it safe so I can do it forever and ever and ever.


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So back to having fun! The reason Scott and I started GoSnow is to make it easier for people to access great instruction, and to access great coaching opportunities. GoSnow makes it easy for you to find and book experiences to make your on snow experiences more fun and more enjoyable. That’s why we at GoSnow do what we do!

GoSnow has made it easy for you to achieve greatness so go get it!

Stay connected to us and we will guide you to greatness… Or we will at least make you more aware of these awesome opportunities to learn and be great as they come. It’s all you from there!

Have fun!

-Seany & team GoSnow.

PS: Don’t forget to order Torah’s book! Find it on Amazon.