What freestyle story do you tell yourself? And meet Mick who's joining us in Queenstown!

What freestyle story do you tell yourself?

If you can’t tell funny stories about embarrassing mistakes you’ve made, you’re not taking enough chances.

Same goes for learning freestyle.

Are you letting the fear of embarrassing yourself, or fear of potentiallygetting injured, turn you into a narrow guardian of the status quo? Sorry to break a few egos but it also known as average riding.

Good judgment comes from experience.
Experience comes from bad judgment.

I met a woman when I was a boy – I promise I’m not making this up – who had the power to change the future. She taught me how to do it, too.

Shall I teach you?

The past was written by the choices of yesterday.
The future is written by the choices you make today.
The key is to do things that matter.

Same goes for learning freestyle.

If you want to learn freestyle, or improve your riding, you need to do what matters. If you’re on snow get a lesson (learn something), if you’re planning a trip book one with friends you can learn from (there’s an awesome one here), or if you are stuck somewhere in between then still choose something that matters!

Meet Mick from The Snow Chasers who’ll be joining the GoSnow Trip to Queenstown. I was inspired to learn Mick’s story as at 45 he’s managed to get addicted to freestyle - now thats awesome!

He said something I think we all at every level should be aware of:

‘You can go riding everyday and not be aware of the bad habits you’ve developed or some skill you’re missing that’s holding back your progression. And don’t worry about your skill level or ability as everyone can take something away from a lesson.’

Watch Mick’s video here.

{LEARNING} it opens new doors to an infinite new world of awesome possibilities even when shredding!

Who wouldn’t want to learn freestyle at some point in their life? The first session is filling, and the early bird offer is ending, so If you’ve been thinking about it I recommend you do it ASAP, now if possible, book it here.

Learn more about the GoSnow Trip by watching this very cool invitation video here.

Few things turn out as well as we had hoped or as badly as we had feared.

Same goes for learning freestyle.

You learn a little from small mistakes. You learn a lot from big ones. You learn nothing at all from mediocrity.

Challenging yourself is never a waste of time. Mediocrity always is. The fear of failure is what keeps you average. Success is the result of taking chances.

Shredding present us with these awesome challenges - the choice is still yours to accept them or not and there’s one right here.

Choose what matters and challenge yourself to an epic trip to Queenstown this September! Book here!

We’d love you to join us, and learn something awesome and new!

Ps: For those needing more proof to believe that you’re never too old to learn freestyle get inspired by Mick’s story here and I’ll be super keen to talk more about the power to change the future in QT.