“You will never be able to escape from your heart. So it’s better to listen to what it has to say” - Paulo Coelho.

In general I think hearts are very cute. They kinda remind me of playful children. They try very hard to get attention yet a lot of the time they go ignored and unnoticed. They’re also incredibly powerful and guide us to a happy, healthy, and fulfilled life full of awesomeness.

But our hearts do love attention, and they’re very very happy when they get it! The best way to give your heart the love and attention it needs is to live a life in your truth. The tricky part is not the living in your truth bit (that actually feels amazing),its finding what that truth is. And to do that requires listening to your heart.

Hearts are often silenced by putting too much modern day things that have been normalized into both your mind and body. For example filling your mind with too much social media, or your body with too much bad food and/or alcohol, and filling your life in general with too much drama. The lesser of these things the more easy it becomes to hear what your heart has to say…. As Rumi attests:

“The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear.” - Rumi.

And your heart has a really awesome message. It’s trying to persuade you tolive an awesome happy life, to live the life of your dreams which we are all capable of doing. Hearts even go out of their ways to show you the path by putting clues in the physical world for you every day. Its just that we fail to see them because our minds are too distracted and/or our bodies are too abused to see them. So we dismiss them as coincidences and move through life unaware of their significance.

Some authors refer to these coincidences as synchronicities, or as omens. This could be as simple as running into someone on the street you’ve been meaning to talk to, as subtle as a feeling like take insurance on the rental car (I recently stacked one into a snow bank and on this occasion I had taken the optional insurance saved me USD$8k_thanks Heart!_), or it could be meeting a new investor for your business. All these things are hearts talking. The more aware of the talk we become, and the more grateful we are for what our hearts are doing for us every day, the more we start manifesting really awesome physical world things every day in our lives -now isn’t that amazing?

These are indications from your heart that you are on the right track (or not on the right track) to living an awesome life. They can even stop you from harm’s way. These are very good reasons to get clear on what your heart has to say, andnever stop listening to it!

-Sean Bellerby

PS: I have been spotted several times wearing this very warm sweater around Aspen and Steamboat. Please say HELLO if you see me!

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