Meet Sofiya, join her on the Queenstown trip!

Fellow snow riders:

Let’s talk snow!

Although the largest city represented by GoSnow members is an equal tie of Denver and Sydney, we decided to host this year’s Annual Trip in Queenstown.

Why would we do such a thing?

Well, one reason is there are 200 vineyards within an hour drive from the mountain! Also, its New Zealand!

More to the point the springs there are amazing and if you haven’t experienced shredding in Queenstown well it’s about time to strike it off your ‘MUST RIDE’ list….

But, I am sorry to say that there is a downside.

Whilst our New Zealand members will benefit from a short drive to QT the rest of you will be on planes… BIG PLANES… Some of you will be coming all the way from Europe.

On that topic, meet Sofiya Cox, a GoSnow member joining the trip from England, (Yes England). Sofiya is a skier, currently on a trip in Sweden, and shot this this video for you watch HERE.

The rest of you, book your trips already!

Now say hello to Spring in Queenstown, NZ.

Duncan Mainland, your head coach and local Whistler shred, describes it as the Mecca of snowboarding in New Zealand.

The spring days in Queenstown are warm, long, and sunny. There’s sometimes a bit* of wind there, which is an awesome excuse to get into a thug rug. What?

A thug rug. It’s that cool looking thing that the pros (and bandits – the legitimate bandits here in San Francisco) wear when they hold up banks (in San Francisco) or win competitions (usually in Aspen). And yes you will feel like a pro wearing one.. Particularly when you hear a pro calling ‘dropping’ within in ears shot of a pipe or booter!

So all though most of you might need to get on a flight. And yes that means dealing with airport security, plastic economy class seats and aero plane food (should you dare to eat it), the experience will be worth it, and so will the crew – just watch Sofiya’s video introduction which she kindly sent us all the way from Riksgransen in Sweden where the sun doesn’t set, not even at midnight!

Maybe we host the Annual Trip there next year?

Hell, we’ve even made it really easy for you to experience these cool things that can only be found in Queenstown by giving you a further $100 off as one of our members taking the cost down to just USD$1700 book HERE.

Btw be sure to say hi to Sofiya – you can find her on Instagram @SOFIYA_COX, and you’ll even get to ride with her on the annual trip!

Get excited. This is gonna be a blast.

  • Sean

PS: If anyone is actually interested in that aeroplane food then please book a session with our health coach to get your head straight… That’s what she’s there for :)