Let me tell you a story.

About a state. Not just any state, and I don’t mean some boring physical state somewhere out near Idaho. But a seriously awesome state.

Some say you must have passion, curiosity, and purpose, to be granted entry into this special state.

Do you have these? Read on.

That is just the dress code. Just because you look cool doesn’t mean get you passed this bouncer. To make it into this club, and to stay in this state, you need the courage to act on your passion, curiosity and purpose.

Ok Ok so what does this have to do with skiing and snowboarding? Here’s some news for you…. It’s the secret sauce… AKA the ‘Flow State’.

“Flow state is actually the process of accessing and tapping into our own human potential.” – Gretchen Bleiler

Now meet Eli who is joining us on the GoSnow Trip to Queenstown. There is less than 5 spots left on the trip and with the USD strengthening we’ve reduced the cost A BIT so go book NOW before it changes!


Eli is joining us from Sydney and sums up shredding as an awesome opportunity to tap into a flow state. Watch the video and hear why he loves shredding and why he’s super stoked to be joining the GoSnow Trip to Queenstown this September!

Who wouldn’t want more opportunities to get creative and feel amazing in their life? And that’s what more shredding will do for you, which I will add is the only reason you need to go directly to our website here and reserve your spot on the trip.



A lot of people I know have the passion to progress their riding but what is missing is the courage. And I don’t mean turning up acting tough and hitting a large out of range booter unprepared (that is a sure fire way to massive injury including loss of life). The courage I am talking about is putting the work in to becoming aware of, and then committed to staying connected to your purpose.

Snow Sports helps us tap into the Flow State, which is a state of pure potentiality. Its where your purpose resides. Its then up to you to have the courage to continue to explore it (on and off the snow).

There is one thing I will guarantee. Being aware of and having the courage to stay connected to your purpose leads the way for a seriously epic life. How does one do that I hear you ask…

Well come to Queenstown this September and find out!

I really hope to see you there. It’s going to be awesome, you know it!

PS: Book your spot here and find more stories on instagram @gosnow.in