How to Use GoSnow for Dating

Yes you heard it!

It’s happened before, and it can happen again, maybe even with you!

GoSnow has become the most awesome place to book the best ski and snowboard instructors and experiences and to meet new riding buddies, but we’ve heard lots of you are having fun using it for dating as well.

So, given it’s spring in the southern hemisphere, and winter is coming in the northern hemisphere, here’s how to use GoSnow for dating.

1) First we send regular updates to the App Stores so make sure you have the most up to date version of GoSnow. Download thathere, so your date can be as up to date as you are.

2) Your picture matters. Whether you’re just looking to connect with others to do more riding, or you’re looking for dates, your lead profile photo counts. So, start with a clear, well-shot, smiling head shot to kick things off. That will have you connecting with more people in no time! Then add cool action shots of you on the snow or apres ski.

3) Include your bio, which can be up to 500 words- got any snow related pickup lines? Use those here! We know you’ve had lots of practice while waiting in lift lines.

4) Set your filters in Buddies so that you see people you might like to shred with or go on a date with. We won’t tell anyone about what you are into, so go ahead and set them however you please.

5) If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, no better place to take them than ourMammoth Weekend! If you’re waiting for winter in the Southern Hemisphere, plan to take your date toCardrona. Start your day with a smoothie at Juice bar downstairs. Book a cool, and fun instructor, to guide you around the resort for the morning (and to make sure someone is laughing at your jokes – leave a tip for that).

6) Finish the day with a glass of sparkles at bar, and reflect on how awesome it is to date someone who loves snow sports as much as you do!

Who needs to waste storage space on dating apps, when GoSnow can be used for dating, booking lessons, and building community? Now you’ll have even more room for pictures of you sending it off jumps, view pics, and of course, selfies with your new significant other.

And that’s it. So, update your app and start browsing for your future snow soul mate!