How to get your friends into skiing and snowboarding

“The aim of inviting your (never been on a ski trip) friends to join you on a fun ski trip is to make sure they have a blast, so that they want to keep coming back every weekend thereafter.” Team GoSnow

I hear all the time “it’s my first day skiing / snowboarding” which I absolutely love to hear! I’m usually told this as I’m helping a first timer up off the snow who just fell in the lift line.

After being thanked the next thing I hear is “my friends are on the mountain somewhere”.

Does that remind you of your first day? Or does that remind you of what you just put your beginner friend through last weekend?

Maybe both? In case you forgot the aim of inviting your friends to join you on a weekend at the snow is to keep them coming back every weekend thereafter. So I’d like to offer a solution that makes it more enjoyable for your friend so they want to keep coming to the snow with you every weekend through the season. After all, you’ve put a lot of energy into persuading your bestie, your colleague, or your significant other to come with you on a ski trip!

If you are serious about keeping your friends skiing and riding with you, and you’d love to create a truly epic first time experience for them, then please read on:


DO buy them a lesson.

Your friends will love you for this. Get onGoSnow, find them a cool pro, and book them a half day private. It’s an investment. But it’s an investment that your friend will pay back 10-fold in future trips splitting things like gas, lodging, future coaching. This will be the best gift ever to your first timer friend! Enough said – do it!

DO be mindful of the weather and conditions.

If the weather is crap and you usually wouldn’t ride or ski in it, then call it how you see it, as a “down day”. Go sit in a nice warm restaurant, bar, or check out the village. Eat nice food. Create fun memories with your friend off the snow too. You’ll save them a $150 lift pass, and create a better experience for both of you. Remember the aim is getting them to come back next weekend. The aim is not to send them out in the freezing cold, wind, or rain to have a miserable time on the slopes.

DO make it fun.

Your friends are there to hang out with you, to have fun, and share your passion. That’s why they joined this first weekend to spend time with you (isn’t that nice of them?). Your friend hasn’t found their love for the snow yet, so be patient with them. Cruise around with them. This weekend is about them, with the aim of getting them to come back with you for many more ski trips, so make keep it fun on and off the snow!


DON’T try teach them yourself.

Unless you are a qualified pro than this is a really bad idea. Even if you’ve been riding / skiing for years and you’re really good (and that’s cool) but trust me on this I put more work into my snowboard teaching certifications than I did my MBA. Teaching is very different from your own riding. There are progressions the pro will take your friend through to get them up and running fast, and safe. This benefits you as you’ll quickly be able to explore the mountain together after your friend spends just half a day with a pro. Find the best ski and snowboard instructors onGoSnow.

DON’T take them near anything steep.

The last thing you want to do, is scare your friend. I’ve made this mistake when I first started teaching snowboarding. I was teaching a first timer who was linking turns within two hours which was impressive. This person begged me to explore the mountain. So we hit up a blue run. I had forgotten how steep, and scary, that can actually be for a first timer. We ended up walking out of it which wasn’t a fun or safe experience for anyone.

DON’T take off riding on your own.

No matter how tempting it is to get after it on your own put your friends needs first this weekend. Have fun with your friend. I once took a friend riding for a weekend and took off riding on my own. I was in my early 20’s and I admit I didn’t know any better back then but this friend has never been seen on snow with me since. Which is a shame as she is still my favorite person in the world, and I still try to persuade her to join me on weekends (which never happens). There’s no recovering from this mistake, so be warned - don’t take off on your own!

Skiing and snowboarding is so much more fun with your friends, so I sincerely hope this article suggests a few ideas to help get your friends involved, and keeps them involved, with skiing and snowboarding. The nicest thing you can do for anyone is give them the gift of freedom that is offered by skiing and snowboarding. It’s a form of mediation – and we love meditation and mindfulness practices at GoSnow!

Sean Bellerby

Btw - if you already messed it up with your friends, we are here for you, find new riding buddies onGoSnow! Make sure you read this post again though! Team GoSnow.