So you want to change your life I hear? Are you looking for a passion? Are you interested in joining 125 million other awesome people from cool places around the world?

Then look no further you’re at the right place. Signing up to become a skier or snowboarder is a sure-fire way to explore life’s awesomeness, to live more, to meet cool new friends, and to ignite energy and passion from within you (on and off the snow - awesome!).

Let’s address getting started. And I mean getting started from scratch. If you are interested in snowsports but your friends are not, or they’ve been doing it so long you feel like they are pros, then this post is for you.

The purpose of this post is to get you into your first day on snow, and for that day to be the most awesome experience ever!

To help we’ve broken this into two sections:

1) Getting to the resort.

2) Your First day on snow (yay!).

The good news is GoSnowis here to help with the entire journey. We throw all our energy behind making the experience awesome from your home, to the resort, and to your home again, to planning your next trip.

Getting to the resort.

The first thing I recommend doing is to conect with and meetup with another GoSnow buddie. Skiing and snowboarding is so much more fun with friends! We have filters in the app so you can find other first-timers girls, boys etc. Get together on a skype call, or meet for a coffee, and plan your trip. This will help you save money on transport, accommodation, and instruction (yes you will need lessons so plan for it).

At some resorts you can use GoSnow to organize a car pool. You’ll find people offering rides, or you can create a car pool and offer seats to other GoSnow-ers. Either way make sure you split the fuel. GoSnow car pools are awesome. Make the most of a drive that’s happening anyway by helping each other out, and helping the planet out! Boom!

If for some reason you can’t find a riding buddie to split the car ride with, or if GoSnow car pools are not available at your resortyet, then I recommend checking the bus/shuttle schedule. Buses these days have wifi so you can Snapchat, Instagrman, and GoSnow till your hearts content! You can use the time to connect to a cool GoSnow instructor and line up your lesson for the next day. And you’ll be so tired by the end of the weekend you’ll be absolutely wrapped that you don’t have to drive!

Your First day on snow (yay!).

Oh-my-goodness you just saw snow! Well it might be the first time in your life, or the first time that season but by turning up with skis or a snowboard you’ve just taken a huge step forward in bringing more awesomeness, more energy, and more health into your life! Now who doesn’t want more of all that? Feel free to email me for a free consultation if you answered ‘Not me’ there. To those who are super excited just by the thought, you should be, and a big congratulations! We’d love you to read our other posts about living a healthy, happy, life, that skiing and snowboarding will for sure inspire you to live!

So let’s cut to the chase you’ll need gear. Here’s a list of what you need and where to get it from:

1) Rent Skis or Snowboard.

Do the renting at the resort so you don’t have to put them in cars, buses, or planes. Enough said.

Pro tip: Rent gear the night before so that you are all set next day for an early start. For example if you’re going for a weekend rent your gear on Friday night so that you can be on snow for 9am Saturday.NB –get used to waiting for your friends,just learn to chill it out, it’s part of the experience. Learn to meditate as you’ll be waiting for them all over the hill haha.

2) Snow gear – outerwear.

This is where your experienced friends come in handy. Ask them if they have old gear for sale. Search Facebook market place, gumtree, whatever just get into the cheapest, cleanest, set of old gear you can (fluorescents and onesy are making a come back). Believe me the guy in the local sports storeWILL SELL YOU THE WRONG STUFF I don’t’ care how cool he/she looksso buy cheap old stuff until you’ve spent a few days on snow and have figured outwhat your style will be.

Pro tip: Try snowboarding. It might be harder to learn, but its super fun and incredibly cool. The oldest person I ever taught to snowboard was 68 so if you are younger than that and reading this then snowboarding is the answer!

3) Lift ticket.

Buy this together with your first-timer lesson which you can do on GoSnow (at our awesome resort partners). Buying your lift and lesson passes on GoSnow means no waiting in lines for up to an hour at the resort. So just buy what you can on GoSnow its much easier for everyone. Lift tickets are not cheap. Just bite the bullet and pay it. It’s still much cheaper on your wallet than a night out, and much better for your mind and body than a night out will ever be.

4)Choose group lesson or private lesson.

If you were lucky enough to connect with a few GoSnow buddies then hiring a private instructor and sharing the cost between 2, 3, or 4 people will be worth it. You can connect with resort employed private instructors directly on GoSnow. We do everyhting in partnershi with the resort. We’ve made it super easy to connect with and book awesome instructors.

Pro tip: Lessons are mandatory. You can search for your instructor by name in Connect -> Instructors. Search bar at the top. Instant Message with them via GoSnow. They are your host, and they are awesome!


2017-01-03_1419731108137159276 copy.jpeg

I don’t care how good your boyfriend, your friend, your friend’s boyfriend, your long lost cousin, or the GoSnow buddie you just met says he/she is at skiing or snowboarding. Unless he/she is a qualified snowsports professional then please do yourself a favor and pay the $75 to participate in a group lesson, or get 2 or 3 people together and book a private lesson on GoSnow. Instruction is worth every cent, you’ll meet new friends too, you will avoid unnecessary injury, and you’ll have SO much more fun. If you’re still not convinced reach out to me for a ‘free consultation’.

It’s the instructors job to teach you the progressions so you learn the skills to make this a life time sport. The instructor will also minimize the falls you have. With an instructor it’s entirely possible to have a lesson without a single fall (yay!). This keeps you safe, and gets you moving on snow faster. Instructors are highly qualified. I can say I put more time into my instructor qualifications than I did my MBA – that’s how much training is involved to become a great instructor.

You’ll need two to three lesson just to get the basics down. You can book lessons on GoSnow and read reviews of the instructors that you might like to hire. You can also connect with the instructor via instant messenger before you get to the resort to ask them any questions. Local knowledge is key. Ask them what the weathers doing, or if it’s warm or cold so you know what to wear. Don’t forget to tip your instructor 15% minimum.

I sincerely hope that this motivates first timers to get into the sport. Skiiing and snowboarding is an informal type of meditation. It’s a great way to clear you head and spend time in awesome environments, with awesome people, in awesome places around the world!

GoSnow’s aim is to maximize your on-snow experience always hola if there’s something more we can do to help with that. And we’d absolutely love to hear your first-timer stories feel free to email them to[email protected]

Much love, powder days, well cut jumps, unicorns, and of course all our best

Seany / Scott / and GoSnow Team

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