GoSnow Co-Founder organizes Burton Girls SNOWBOARDS Camp.

We’ve decided its New Zealand Week.

Why simply because we should celebrate the ENORMOUS amount of snow that keeps falling, and the amazing mountains so unique to Queenstown they featured in Lord of the Rings, and the awesome coaches that live there!

What? Yes, the awesome but mostly overlooked coaches. One of those coaches happens to be GoSnow’s Co-Founder Scott Anfang who will be leading the trip together with me and an awesome line-up of guest coaches we are working on brining to Queenstown just to make this trip even MORE EPIC, for YOU!

We will be announcing who these very special guest coaches are next week.

But what I will tell you now is – THERE IS ONLY 3 SPOTS LEFT.

Seriously we can not take more people than spots we have in the vans. So ACT
NOW because as promised this will be EPIC and its getting even more EPIC as we
get closer! Lots of people are super excited about it and so are we!


Don’t forget we lowered the price to accommodate for a strengthening USD so snap up special price of $USD1490 while its available. We are flexible with payment arrangement but you need to reserve a spot then we will reach out to you via email to discuss options.


Back to Scott Anfang who recently organized the Burton Snowbroads Girl’s Camp in Queenstown. And that is not his only news worthy accolade. Scott, from Steamboat Springs, is a Burton sponsored athlete and has represented the U.S in snowboarding for the past 12 years. He was recently appointed Head Coach Snowboarding of the U.S National AASI Team for term 2016 to 2020 which puts him at the top of his game at international level awesome!

Here’s what Scott had to say about the Burton Snowbroads Girls Camp:

“It’s so amazing to see these girls get together, push each other, and shred together! There is something very inspiring about a girl who rips, and somehting more inspiring about a crew of girls out shredding together… Its awesome to be part of, and I look forward to more of it in September on the GoSnow Trip”

(Above, right) Scott Anfang celebrating New Zealand Week, well actually celebrating the Burton Snowbroads Girls Camp but hey who’s checking.

We have a cool mixed bag of different level of riders joining us on the GoSnow Trip. A few have never tried a jump before. A few have entry level park skills. A few are just coming for an epic snowboard trip with awesome new friends. So know matter where your riding is at YOU ARE WELCOME to join us, and you will be very comfortable, and you will have fun!

We’d absolutely love you to join us!

But there’s only 3 spots left, so snap up yours now!


I sincerely hope to see you in Queentown, this will be epic, you know it!

PS: Follow our New Zealand Week as we warm up for the trip on Instagram @gosnow.in. On warming up for the trip… Ditch your gym membership and go join a yoga studio… That and eating plants is the best thing for your riding I promise!