First Weekend at Powder Mountain

​Let me start this off by saying that not only have I not traveled many places or been to any ski resorts but I have never really spent much time in the mountains. To say I was excited to get out of town and see Utah was an understatement. Powder Mountain did not let down my expectations. Even without snow (which is now confirmed on its way for the season so book your trips already!) this town was magical and everyone was so hospitable.

​So let’s start from Day 1, our presentation to the instructors at Powder Mountain. Our team has paired up with the resort to onboard all of their instructors and have all bookings go exclusively through GoSnow, which is amazing. It’s bit nerve wrecking telling an audience of 70+ people that we will be changing the system but I cannot begin to express how excited everyone was to the idea of switching over to an app. GoSnow makes it easy for guests to book lessons, and buy lift passes, from laptop and phone. The resort boosts bottom line revenues by having a tool (and partner) to increase participation in its activities. And GoSnow benefits the instructors by creating them more work. Having Scott Anfang on the team makes life so much easier because he can level with everyone from experience of being a snowboard instructor and helped those who were a little skeptical feel more comfortable with the transition.

​On top of everyone being so excited about GoSnow, the people in this town were so kind and gave us so much food to take home after our presentation. They thought it was very funny that this LA girl had 0 experience being in the cold and told the boys to get me warmer clothing (which they have still yet to do haha).


​That night Scott, Sean, and I brainstormed and worked for a few hours. Scott showed us a documentary about snowboarding called We Ride which you can watch onYoutube. That documentary got me so excited to be apart of this team and to learn to snowboard (which wait for next weeks post about my first snowboarding experience). Super excited about our new partnership with Powder Mountain, we decided to go out to dinner to explore Ogden. Here’s a few things that you might not know about Ogden. The best place to eat is at Slackwater which does really great pizzas and has many awesome beers. There’s a cool rock n roll bar called Funk n Dive. The place will of course be absolutely poppin’ during winter. And it even has a sign that states ALL PEOPLE WELCOME… which in the depths of Utah we thought was really cool! Despite a bit of a bagging from the locals(and a few odd stories) Ogden did seem friendly. Our recommendation is for sure to stay up at Powder Mountain. You’ll enjoy easy access to the slopes, great places to eat, and it even has the best on snow parties (and legendary table dancing) at the Powder Keg!


​After a couple days of work and meetings with the whole team at Powder Mountain I can proudly say that this winter will be one of the best for GoSnow and Powder Mountain. We are so delighted to be working so closely with such a beautiful resort, and an amazing team of people.

I’m looking forward to plenty of time on snow at Powder Mountain this winter! We hope you will visit us at this resort too. You can easily book your ski and snowboard lessons, ski and snowboard experiences, and buy lift tickets all on GoSnow!… We love feedback too so please tell us about your experience using GoSnow app, and tell us about your plans to visit Powder Mountain for skiing and snowboarding this winter. All mail welcome to