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It’s been exactly 153 years since William Gilbert Rees an explorer from England founded and settled in Queenstown. Among other things he was a sheep farmer, a cricketer, and I wasn’t sure if I should mention it or not but he did end up marrying his cousin Rebecca. I’m sure our friends in Australia find that funny so lets pause for a second while they get it back together.

Today people still come to that new place Queenstown from lands far far away in search of exploration and adventure. And why wouldn’t they when three of the world’s top ski areas (The Remarks, Cardrona, Coronet Peak) are thriving, and this year they’re already getting loads of snow!

Ok ok I forgot - no one cares about some English weirdo who sailed over the horizon nearly 200 years ago to start a sheep farm in Queenstown (with his cousin). But what you might be interested in is the story of our member Jen from ‘the Snow Chasers’ who sums up shredding with one awesome sentence:

“It came to be about exploration, about finding the next adventure and discovering so much more about nature and ourselves than we ever thought we could.”

Who wouldn’t want more of this awesomeness in their life? If you haven’t reserved your spot on our awesome trip to Queenstown yet Irecommend you do it ASAP, now if possible, book it here.

Learn more about the GoSnow Trip by watching this very cool invitation video here.


And a lot of them still come from Europe. But it’s not Queenstown that attracts the weirdoes - Its snow sports.

Skiing and snowboarding has this unique ability to inspire us. It ignites the inner child within us. It sparks adventure. It encourages inner and outer exploration. It inspires us to get after, and be more aware of, life’s awesomeness!

They say children of winter never grow old. Now I don’t know if that makes us weird or not – but it definitely sets us up for a very happy, and a very fun life… Which I will add is what we are here for!

Live life while you have it, explore it!

Join us in Queenstown its going to be awesome, you know it!

Ps: Keen to explore more? Follow Jen’s awesome adventure on The Snow Chasers blog here.