Celebrate 2018 with GoSnow. $10 for you from us!

Happy New Year!

2018 is totally worth celebrating! Why because 2+0+1+8 makes it an ‘11’ year. Numerologically 11 is the number of balance, structure, equality, and equilibrium. This is the year of liberty where we all have great wind in our sails to make the impossible possible!

The last ‘11’ year was in 2009, and the one before that was 1910. Wow! That’s how important and special this year is. So to get you started we are giving you $10!

All you need to do is:

(First things first click this link to download GoSnow for free if you haven’t already).

  1. Once you’ve downloaded GoSnow and signed up create your Instructor Profile. It takes less than 3 minutes. Simply click ‘add instructor’ from the bottom of your GoSnow user profile. Here’s a quick guide click here of how to do that.
  2. Get one review. This will be your first review. Ask your mom, your friends, your instructor buddies, or your clients to help you out. It will take them 2 minutes to leave you an outstanding 5 star review.
  3. Venmo @gosnow for $10. That’s it! All you need to do is complete steps one and two and send us a Venmo request for $10. Instant gratification yeew! Be quick first 100 only, and must be completed within January 2018.

Yes you still need to be Resort employed and Qualified to be approved on GoSnow as an Instructor. If your Resort would like to discuss partnership please have them email mailto:members@gosnow.in and we will gladly set up a meeting.

By the way we really believe in love sharing at GoSnow so please tell your instructor buddies so they can join us to Celebrate 2018 with $10 from GoSnow too!

Celebrate 2018 Ashleigh GoSnow .jpg

Email us at mailto:members@gosnow.in if you have any questions.

Use GoSnow to get booked, to increase your private lesson business, and to have more fun on and off the snow!

Our hope is that you make 2018 your year, and that the company we are building helps bring you balance and prosperity.

Thank you, and please join us in Celebrating 2018!

Sean Bellerby

Co-Founder & CEO GoSnow Inc. Follow me on Instagram @gosnow.seany

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