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One of the things I love most about this job at GoSnow is the people I get to meet along the way… It’s my mission to bring forward the stories of ski and snowboard instructors around the world.

Meet Christian Knott. He’s been snowboarding at Hotham for 8 years. Prior to teaching at Hotham he spent 15 years in the Australian Navy as a Submariner. I thought Submariner was just the name of a very expensive wrist watch – not the case! Christian also completed a Master of Project Management degree.

Christian Knott GoSnow Profile

Christian decided to start teaching snowboarding as he loves it and his daughter got into the Hotham Free Ski program. He’s particularly passionate about helping people get into snowboarding and helping them develop basic skills so its super fun and super safe! Christian has coached other sports like sailing and hockey so he’s for sure got the experience, and patience, to help you with your snowboarding!

I asked him what he loves most about GoSnow and how he sees GoSnow benefiting his guests:

He said viewing instructor profiles makes it easy for guests to choose who they want to spend their time and money with.

“I reckon I’ll click with that Instructor (as they are best at beginners or Park)… That’s who I want to spend my hard earned with”

We at GoSnow are of course absolutely wrapped to make it easier for guests to book, connect, and participate in snow sports! That’s why we do what we do. And the GoSnow Team couldn’t be more stoked to make it easy for you guys to book Christian on GoSnow.

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